The image above is Artist Sorin Bica standing in front of the outdoor mural he created in downtown Framingham, Massachusetts. Sorin painted the mural over two months, starting in August 2015.  The remainder of the mural will be completed in the Spring of 2016.



Sorin Painting the Mural in Framingham 

The Front Door Framingham Project seeks to establish a renewed identity for this historically contemporary business district that invites visitors, commuters and travelers to shop and visit our multi-cultural, creative downtown.

Sorin Bica is a resident of Framingham and draws inspiration from the cultural and ethnic diversity in town. He is committed to the comeback of Downtown Framingham, and is slated to execute a contemporary mural spanning the brick wall of a privately owned building that flanks the railroad tracks intersecting the crossroads of Routes 126 and 135. This intersection is traveled by 8,800 riders on the Boston T commuter rail and 27,000 vehicles every day. Bica's artwork will establish a new identity for Downtown Framingham, home of the largest population of artists and creatives this side of Boston.

This project is currently seeking corporate, public and private donations.
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Images of the mural in progress are available below.



Contact Sorin Bica at or call 617.216.9672